Effective December 2017

Private Sewage Disposal Systems

  • Construction Permit: $235.00
  • Reconstruction Permit: $110.00
  • Tank Abandonment Permit: $95.00
  • Time of Transfer Inspection Fee: $275.00

Private Water Well

The Iowa DNR Permit Fee is included in the construction permit. SCHD will forward payment to the Iowa DNR.

  • Construction Permit: $315.00
  • Sandpoint Permit (driven): $150.00
  • Well Pluging Permit: $15.00
  • Well Rehabilitation Permit: $15.00

News & Notices

Volunteer resources have been updated.
Posted: May 8, 2019
People commonly ask about the risk of tetanus during floods. Flooding is NOT shown to increase the risk for tetanus disease. However, people are at risk for tetanus infection IF they are injured and have wounds that are contaminated by the environment. Any time you receive a wound, ask your...
Posted: May 6, 2019
Flood-related information to keep yourself healthy and safe during the flooding. http://idph.iowa.gov/flooding
Posted: May 3, 2019