Effective July 2011

Private Sewage Disposal Systems

  • Construction Permit: $200.00
  • Reconstruction Permit: $90.00
  • Tank Abandonment Permit: $75.00
  • Time of Transfer Inspection Fee: $260.00

Private Water Well

The Iowa DNR Permit Fee is included in the construction permit. SCHD will forward payment to the Iowa DNR.

  • Construction Permit: $260.00
  • Sandpoint Permit (driven): $140.00
  • Well Pluging Permit: $15.00
  • Well Rehabilitation Permit: $95.00

Water Testing

  • Bacteria & Ecoli only: $12.00
    • add lab fees ($17.00 - $26.75)
  • Nitrate only: $12.00
    • add lab fees ($17.00 - $26.75)

News & Notices

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