Health Screening Activities

Health Screening Activities

Health Screening Activities:

The School Health Consultant provides health screenings for students in the schools.  These services are provided annually upon request from the principal and are scheduled for each school.  For each health screening, if a student does not meet the necessary criteria, the School Health Consultant will send a notice to the parent(s) of the student advising a referral to the student’s provider for further evaluation.

Vision Screening:  The nurse offers annual vision screening for students at recommended grade intervals.  The nurse will screen any student by request if there is a concern. 

Dental Screening:  The nurse offers annual dental screening for students in kindergarten.  The nurse will screen any student by request if there is a concern.

Hearing Screening:  The Area Education Agency provides hearing screenings for students in schools under their contract.  The nurse offers hearing screening for students in non-AEA contracted schools.  The nurse will screen any student in the non-AEA contracted school by request if there is a concern.

News & Notices

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