The Scott County Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan:

The plan was developed to provide detailed information on how the IRVM program functions in Scott County. It is also meant to be a guide for new IRVM employees to gain an understanding of what the program encompasses. This plan contains a significant amount of information regarding the IRVM program and how it functions. The beginning sections cover program goals, history and a general overview of how the program operates. Later sections detail what the IRVM program does. This includes all of the procedures that go into restoring or reconstructing native vegetation effectively.

News & Notices

SCOTT COUNTY SECONDARY ROAD DEPARTMENT IMPASSABLE ROAD NOTICE DUE TO FLOODING Roads Involved: 288th Street: From 82nd Avenue to River Camp Road 90th Avenue: From 277th Street to 288th Street 82nd Avenue: From 288th Street north ~0.5 miles River Camp Road: From 288th Street to ~800 feet east of...
Posted: February 20, 2018