Entrances/Sidewalk Permit

Entrances/Sidewalk Permit

This is a Permit Application for new installations and any modifications or revisions to property entrances, sidewalks and other miscellaneous work within county right-of-way.

The applicant agrees to comply with the permit requirements and Secondary Roads Department policies. Compliance shall be determined by the sole discretion of the County Engineer as deemed necessary to promote public health, safety and the general welfare. These requirements shall apply unless waived in writing by the County Engineer prior to installation

  • Application form attached below.

Payment options and corresponding service delivery fees:

When paying in person at the office or online, the following service delivery fees apply.

Type At the counter Online
Cash No Fee Not Accepted
Check/E-check No Fee Not Accepted
Credit Card 2.5% plus $1.50 per transaction. Not Accepted
Debit Card $2.00 per transaction. Not Accepted

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Posted: October 10, 2018