Adopt-A-Road Guidelines

Adopt-A-Road Guidelines

Volunteers cleaning up along roadside.

Program Objective

It is the objective of Scott County to improve the aesthetics of the county and create public awareness of environmental needs along county roadways through the adoption of a county-wide Adopt-A-Roadway Program.

General Statement

There is a need to enhance the quality of our roadsides. This enhancement can be achieved by the bi-annual collection of trash and litter form the roadsides. The Scott County Adopt-a-Roadway Program allows individuals and/or groups the opportunity to adopt a certain secondary roadside. Once the adoption has occurred, that individual or group assumes the responsibility for the bi-annual collection of trash and litter for that roadside.

Time Period

Groups or individuals interested in participating in the Adopt-A-Roadway program must plan on providing roadway clean up activities twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Attendance for April training session is encouraged. Spring clean up activities must take place in April, May or June. Fall clean up activities must take place in August, September or October. Applications must be received no later than March 15th if the applicant would like to begin in the spring. Applications must be received no later than August 15th if the applicant would like to begin in the fall.

Program Requirements

  • The determination of what specific roadway will be adopted by an individual or group will be made by a representative of the Scott County Secondary Road Department , and a representative of the group wishing to adopt the roadway.
  • The sponsor should constantly be aware of the problems which may exist along roadways and instruct their personnel in appropriate safety precautions. Where possible, access to roadways should occur from off right of way, rather than from roadway surfaces or shoulders.
  • Sponsors agree to hold harmless Scott County, its Board of Supervisors, officers and employees from all liability, judgment, costs, expenses, and claims growing out of damages, or alleged damages of any nature whatsoever to any person or property arising from the performance or non-performance of roadside work.
  • Sponsors agree that in the performance or non-performance of roadside work that they are initiators and volunteers and are in no way to be considered employees of the Board of Supervisors, and/or the Scott County Secondary Road Department .
  • First preference for adoption will be given to adjacent property owners. Secondary preference will be given to governing bodies of small communities and urban areas. Organizations, clubs and individuals will have final preference.
  • Sponsorship will be for a two (2) mile stretch of roadway on both sides of the road and will be for a minimum of two years (four trash and litter collections). Litter collection must include both sides of the roadway. Sponsor groups will be limited in size to twenty (20) individuals.
  • Sponsorship will not be granted to political parties, political candidates, elected officials, or entities, which would constitute partisan endorsement.
  • Sponsor groups are not responsible for the collection of trash and litter form roadway medians, off of roadway surfaces, or granular shoulders. The County will clean up these areas.
  • Vehicles associated with the trash and litter pick-up should not be parked along the shoulders of the roadway unless no alternative parking is possible. In addition, all individuals associated with the roadway cleanup must wear orange safety vests, gloves and any other appropriate safety materials at all times during the activity.

If, at any time following the adoption, the County, in its sole discretion, feels that the sponsor is not meeting the terms and conditions of the agreement, the County may terminate the agreement and remove sponsorship signs.

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