Dust Control

Dust Control

In order to make the application for permit process more convenient you can apply for dust control three different ways: Online, telephone, or walk-in our office. You are still responsible for marking the area to be treated with lathe and colored ribbon. If you did not save your ribbon from last year you can pick some up at the Engineer's Office at our maintenance facility on Blackhawk Trail in Eldridge.

To sign up for Dust Control

  • Submit a permit application online.
  • Phone: 563-328-4170
  • Walk-in locations:
    • Scott County Engineer's Office & Secondary Road Maintenance
      950 E. Blackhawk Trail Rd.
      Eldridge, Iowa 52748

Deadline Dates for Dust Control

  • First Deadline - May 4, 2018 for application after May 18
  • Second Deadline - June 1, 2018 for application after June 15

Statement of Policy

It shall be the policy of Scott County to permit the application of dust palliative agents for the control of dust on county rock roads. All pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 319.14 of the Code of Iowa (Obstructions in Highways).

Approved Materials

The following materials are approved for use as a dust control palliative:

  1. Lignosulfonate (Lignin or Tree Sap)*
  2. Calcium Chloride
  3. Magnesium Chloride
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Scott County Health Department will be notified if the use of waste oil is discovered.

Information about the application of Calcium Chloride / Lignosulfonate (Tree Sap) / Glycerin

Calcium Chloride / Tree Sap may be used and reapplied at the discretion of the permit holder depending on the weather. Following application of the dust palliative, grader operators will be instructed to avoid blading the roads until mid October of each year unless potholes develop, then Scott County reserves the right to blade the treated surface as deemed necessary to protect the traveling public.

After dust control materials have been applied the permit holder is responsible for perpetually keeping the area free of chuckholes by filling them with like materials as they develop. Scott County reserves the right to scarify any treated surface portions and to maintain them as rock roads. If in the County's opinion, proper maintenance has not been done by the permit holder, the County will scarify and blade the treated section.

The permit holder is responsible for marking the areas to be treated with signs or flags so that the areas to be prepared are clear to the grader operator. Signs and flags are available at the Scott County Engineer's Office & Secondary Road Maintenance Facility. The permit holders are asked to keep the signs or flags for use in future dust control seasons.

Dust Control Contractors:

List of approved contractors and the approved material they apply.

Contractor: Pallative:
Binns & Stevens Explosives, Inc.
P.O. Box 1005
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
800-451-1744 or
[email protected] or [email protected]
  • Calcium Chloride
Eastern Iowa Propane
4540 Lincolnway
Clinton, Iowa 52732
[email protected]
  • Lignosulfonate (Tree Sap)
Heffron Services, Inc.
6611 University Ave, Unit 201
Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324
  • Magnesium Chloride

Blue Flame Propane, LLC
18602 County Rd G34
Letts, Iowa 52754
Jennifer Dahnke
[email protected]

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Lignosulfonate (Tree Sap)

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