Economic Development

Economic Development

Scott County participates in the following Regional Economic Development Organizations and Programs:

Quad Cities First Logo Quad Cities First - The County helps fund and participates in the programs of the Quad Cities First. Quad Cities First takes the lead in coordinating and promoting the Quad Cities for industrial development by both helping existing businesses expand and new businesses locate here.
Bi-State Regional Commission logo Bi-State Regional Commission - The County helps fund and participates in the programs of Bi-State. Bi-State serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for transportation planning in the Quad Cities area. Bi-State also administers a revolving loan fund for assisting the expansion and retention of existing businesses, as well as the attraction of new industries. The County appoints one of the members of the revolving loan fund board.
  Greater Davenport Redevelopment Corporation - The County is participating with the efforts of the GDRC to develop a major, rail served, large site, industrial park in northwest Davenport and southwest Eldridge.
Iowa Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce - The County has funded a portion of the Chamber's image book, used to promote the area. County representatives also participate in the long range planning efforts for downtown Davenport and Bettendorf, through the City Partnership and Bettendorf's visioning process.
Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau logo Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau - The County helps fund and participates in the programs of the QCCVB. The QCCVB takes the lead in coordinating and promoting the Quad Cities as a tourist destination and convention center. The County also helps fund and manage the Mississippi Valley Welcome Center, along with Davenport, Bettendorf and LeClaire.
  Local Housing Assistance Program - The County administers the LHAP grant monies for the Quad Cities Housing Cluster in their efforts to provide more and better housing.

Provide Financial Assistance to Economic Development Projects and Programs

The County has provided financial assistance to various organizations and projects that have a positive impact on regional economic development efforts.

Encourage appropriate use of Tax Increment Financing

The County reviews and comments on all proposed Tax Increment Financing Districts prior to their creation. The County has in the past supported the use of TIF when it was used to encourage the creation or retention of primary or manufacturing sector jobs and also in cases when it was used to help defer extraordinary site development costs in blighted areas.

Enforcement of Land Use Policies

The County Land Use Policies include goals and objectives to protect and preserve the County's prime agricultural land and discourage development in areas that may hinder agricultural operations.

The Land Use Policies also encourage development to locate within the existing cities of the county where adequate urban services can be provided.

The Land Use Policies encourage cooperation and communication among the County and other units of local government and encourage citizen participation.

News & Notices

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