Appeal an Assessment Electronically

Appeal an Assessment Electronically

A new and convenient feature of the Scott County Assessor’s new website gives property owners the option to formally appeal an assessment to the Board of Review online.

Using the County Assessor’s website, property owners now have the ability to submit petitions online by email, rather than going through the process of printing an appeal petition, filling out the petition by hand, signing the petition, addressing and stuffing an envelope, and then paying for postage.

To start an appeal, simply go to the County Assessor’s website, do a parcel search on the subject property, look for the "Assessment Appeal" option at the bottom of the Parcel Report page, and begin the step-by-step appeal process.

This service is available during the annual protest period in the month of April. This option is available on all Scott County properties, not including properties located in the City of Davenport at this time.

Learn more about the Scott County Assessor assessment appeal process.

April 4, 2018