Step 4: Petition to Board of Review

Step 4: Petition to Board of Review

Between April 2 - April 30 annually, a property owner may formally protest an assessment to the Board of Review for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The assessment is not equitable with other similar properties.
  • The property is assessed for more than its actual fair market value.
  • The property is misclassified, not assessable, or is exempt from taxation.
  • There is an error in the assessment.
  • The assessment is fraudulent.
  • There has been a downward change in value since the last assessment.

Board of Review petition filing dates are April 2 - April 30 annually.

Board of Review protest hearing dates are May 1 - May 31 annually. [ More about the Board of Review ]

To assist the Board of Review, owners should be prepared to bring four copies of each to their hearing:

  • Any recent appraisal(s).
  • Proof of any inaccurate property data.
  • Reasons assessed value is inaccurate.
  • Potential comparable properties that recently sold in area.
  • Any other documented proof to back their claim

If not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Review, there are two more formal appeal options.

[ NEW ] File a petition for the Board of Review electronically:

  • Find your parcel report on the Scott County Parcel Query.
  • Scroll down to the header "Scott County Assessment Appeals Process".
  • Follow the instructions from there.

File a petition for the Board of Review by paper:

If you don't file electronically, you can file by paper.

  • Download attached form (see below).
  • Complete, print, sign, and mail to:
    • Scott County Assessor
      Administrative Center
      600 W. 4th St.
      Davenport, Iowa 52801-1030
  • Or complete, print, sign (must be signed) scan, and email to [email protected].

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