Delinquent Fine Collection

The County Attorney's Office can set up a payment plan with you so that you can pay your delinquent court debt.

  • This may be something that the court has ordered you to sign up for;
  • The Department of Transportation may need before you're eligible for a work permit or Temporary Restricted License; or
  • May be something that you need in order to register your vehicle.

If you would like to see if you qualify for the Delinquent Fine Collection Program, please fill out one of the following forms and return it to the County Attorney's Office:

Print and complete one of the attached forms:

If employed:

  • Wage Assignment (See Attached)

if not employed:

  • Voluntary Payment Plan (See Attached)

If there is a hold on your vehicle registration, you may be eligible for a lift if you enter into a payment plan with our office. If you qualify, the first payment is usually 10% of the amount of fines owed. (with a minimum of $50.00) If the 10% causes a hardship, the County Attorney's Office may consider reducing the first amount owed or require you to make payments for six (6) months in a row before giving you a lift.

Once you make your approved payment, you will receive a registration lift which allows you to register your vehicle with the Treasurer's Office or Department of Transportation. To see if you qualify fill out either one of the forms listed above and return it to the County Attorney's Office

Once you have completed the attached form:

  • Return one form to the County Attorney's Office.