Find information about associations and firms that may lobby on behalf of Scott County. Also find information about county funds that are distributed to non-profit agencies by grant or service contracts.


Some organizations to which Scott County pays membership dues participate in the development of legislative priorities and issues. Find more information about the legislative priorities of these organizations by following the links to their website.


Find details of lobbying arrangement posted here, including the name of the lobbying firm, the amount paid and the legislation being advocated.

Hurt, Norton & Associates, Inc

  • Hurt, Norton & Associates, Inc.
    503 Capitol Court, NE, Suite 200
    Washington, DC 20002
  • The Hurt-Norton contract is a joint contract of the following seven governments: Counties of Scott County, Iowa and Rock Island County, Illinois and the Cities of Bettendorf & Davenport,  Iowa and the Cities of East Moline, Moline, and Rock Island, Illinois.
  • Hurt-Norton is contracted to protect and expand existing Rock Island Arsenal functions and support systems. They provide regional coordination, cooperation and communication for legislative technical assistance contracts.
  • FY11 budget includes $15,000 for the Hurt-Norton contract. This item was budgeted in non-department. Bi-State Regional Commission has responsibility of this contract.
  • FY12 budget includes $15,000 for the Hurt-Norton contract. (page 313)

Grants and Service Contracts:

Scott County Authorized Agencies are recognized non-profit agencies receiving county funding and following the county's required budgeting requirements. Authorized Agencies are listed in the Scott County Budget. There you can find performance measures, county contribution, revenue summary, appropriation summary and totals.

News & Notices

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