Selling/Trading Your Vehicle to a Dealer

Selling/Trading Your Vehicle to a Dealer

1. At dealer, remove the license plates and keep them. If you buy another vehicle within 30 days, you can put the plates on the vehicle, providing you pay the fee on the replacement vehicle. You may also be entitled to credit for the unused registration fee on your old vehicle if you apply within 30 days of the sale. To receive credit, indicate the plate number form the vehicle sold on the application for title on the replacement vehicle. Transfer the plates from the vehicle sold to the replacement vehicle.

Complete a refund claimIf no replacement vehicle is purchased, turn your plates in to the Scott County Treasurer's Office. You may be entitled to a refund on your unused registration fees with a refund claim (obtained from the County Treasurer's Office) if the remaining amount is greater than $10 and you turn in the registration receipt (completed on the reverse side). The claim must be submitted within six months of the date the vehicle was sold.


Sign title over to dealer2. Complete the top section on the back of title, the assignment of title and give it to the dealer.


Tell the dealer where last registered3. Tell the dealer the county where your vehicle was last registered and the date your license expire.


Complete odometer statement4. Complete the odometer statement on the back of the title for motor vehicles 10 model years old and newer.

Complete a separate Damage Disclosure statement for motor vehicles 7 model years old and newer indicating if the vehicle has sustained damage more than 50% of the value of the vehicle at the time the vehicle was wrecked.

Click for Damage Disclosure statement form.


Give dealer registration receipt5. If you are purchasing a replacement vehicle from the dealer or you have sold your vehicle within the last 30 days, give the dealer your registration receipt. If you are not purchasing a replacement vehicle from the dealer, keep the registration receipt.

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