Plats & Surveys

Plats & Surveys

Subdivision Platting - Documents Required

Chapter 354.11 of the Code of Iowa.

Plat Size

  • No Larger than 8 1/2 x 14, nor smaller than 8 1/2 x 11  Also full size plat for Auditors plat room.

Must have these attachments to plat:

  • Surveyors Certificate
    Signed by Surveyor and display the registration number and official seal.
  • Dedication of Owner - 354.11(1)
    Statement from owner that the plat was prepared with their free consent and knowledge. May also include dedication of lands to the Public such as street, alleys, etc.
  • Certification of Consent of Mortgage Holder (If any)
    Consent that plat was prepared with their free consent and in accordance with their desire. An affidavit and bond may be recorded in lieu of consent.
  • Attorney's Certificate - 354.11(3)
    An opinion stating names of proprietors and holders of mortgages, liens or other encumbrances. Shall note the encumbrances, along with any bonds securing the encumbrances.
  • Acceptance by City or County or Both - 354.11(4)
    Statement by resolution accepting the platting
  • Auditors Approval of Subdivision Name - 354.11(5)
    A statement by the Auditor approving the name or title of the subdivision plat.
  • Treasurers Certificate - 354.11(6)
    Taxes paid and free of encumbrances
  • Restrictive Covenants (If any)
    May be brought in with plat or can be recorded later. It restricts what can or cannot be done in the sub-division.
  • Hold Harmless, (If any)
    Accepted as presented
  • Assessment Waiver (Assign Separate Document Number)
    Allowing the city or county to assess for improvements such as streets, sewers, side walks, etc.

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