Hunting, habitat fee, fur harvester and lifetime hunting for citizens 65 and over; and various special season licenses are sold at the Recorder's office. This office can also issue non-resident licenses. All duplicate licenses are $4.50 per item.

If you were born after Jan. 1, 1972 you must satisfactorily complete a hunter education course in order to obtain a hunting license. Call the office for details.

For assistance, please call 563-326-8622.


  • Resident Hunting: $19.00
  • Lifetime Hunting (65 years of age and older): $52.50
  • Fur Harvester (under 16 years of age): $7.50
  • Fur Harvester (16 years of age and older): $22.50
  • Migratory Bird Fee: $10.50
  • Habitat Fee: $13.00
  • Ginseng Harvest: $37.00
  • Ginseng Grower: $2.00
  • Taxidermy: $17.50
  • Hunter’s Special (a three-year hunting license with habitat included expires Jan. 10, three years from current year): $86
  • Outdoor Combo License (annual resident hunting/fishing/habitat combo license): $47


  • Hunting (18 years of age and older): $112.00
  • Hunting (under 18 years of age): $32.00
  • Deer, Antlered or Any Sex: $426.00*
  • Deer Antlerless Only: $228.00*
  • Turkey License: $102.00*
  • Fur Harvester License: $202.00
  • Migratory Bird Fee: $10.00
  • Habitat Fee: $13.00
  • Ginseng Harvest: $67.00

* In addition, a Non-Resident Hunting License and Habitat Fee is required.

We have forms for the Annual Free Fishing or combine Hunting and Fishing License for Low Income 65 or Older or Low Income Permanently Disabled. The completed forms are processed by the DNR in Des Moines. Call the DNR in Des Moines for information/qualifications at 515-281-8688.

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