Library gets grant to help people and community preserve memories

This is the logo for the Scott County Community Memory Project with the words Preserving and Collecting Scott County History

The Scott County Library System has received a 2  year grant to digitize Scott County history. Individuals can bring family photos, diaries, letters, home movies and more to be scanned. Some items may be added to a county wide digital collection with the owner's permission.

Scanning days are set for the following dates (more dates will be set in the spring):

Long Grove Community Center - Tu. Jan. 21 - 1 - 4 p.m.
1 14 N. 1st St., Long Grove

St . Ann's Catholic Church - Wed. Feb. 12 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
16550 290th St., Long Grove

What should I bring to a scanning day?
Your local history treasures! Our focus is on rural Scott
County history. You can bring photographs, slides, documents,
albums, videos, or cassettes to be digitized. Bring a USB drive
or hard drive to save the items on. If you have a large volume
of items, please call the library at 563-285-4794. We may
want to schedule a special appointment with you.

What will be selected for the digital collection?
We are look ing for items relevant to a wide variet y of rural
Scott County experiences . If you agree, we'll make a second
copy for a digital collect ion that will be accessible onl ine for
future generations.

What about copyright?
Please make sure you have created or inherited the items in
question and have the right to reproduce them. (No
newspaper articles or old Disney VHS, for example).

Do I have to be tech savvy?
No! We will have a small number of staff and volunteers to
explain our various scanners and digital equipment. We would
be happy to teach you the process, especially if you have a
large volume. We can always use more volunteers to help
users f ill out forms and assist with the scanning. Contact the
library if you are interested.

When is a scanning day coming to my town?
We have grant funding to hold scanning days during the next
two years. Please contact the Scott County Library System if
you are interested in hosting an event.

This project is funded by IMLS grant #LG-27- 19-0224- 19.

November 11, 2019