Healthy Lifestyles Program

Healthy Lifestyles Program

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The goal of the Healthy Lifestyles program is to identify risk factors of Metabolic Syndrome, create a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk factors and avoid long-term health costs.

Healthy Lifestyles Documents:


  • “Last November when it was my turn to test for the healthy lifestyles program, I discovered that my cholesterol score was 220 – too high.  I did not have enough other factors to qualify for the healthy lifestyles class, but, at age 34, this really bothered me.  I knew that high cholesterol runs in my family, and it was time to do something about it.  I made some modifications to my diet (mostly cut out sweets & carbs) and started riding my bike to work again.  I lost only a few pounds, but I was starting to feel better - more energetic.  This summer when I visited my doctor, I asked for a metabolic work up to see how my numbers compared.  My cholesterol dropped 80 points from 220 to 140!  I was super excited. 
    Knowing your numbers, empowers you to be proactive at improving your health!”

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