Seasonal Golf Course Ranger / Play Starter

Seasonal Golf Course Ranger / Play Starter

Application Deadline: Thursday, April 11, 2019, 4:30pm Central Time. Expired!

Scott County is accepting online applications for the following position.:

Job Title: Seasonal Golf Course Ranger / Play Starter

Closing Date/Time:

Salary: $8.00 to $11.00 per hour

Job Type: Seasonal

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Job Summary

Responsible for orderly flow of play in accordance with reservations, and course policies.

Job Responsibilities

1. With full knowledge of course policies and procedures, in accordance with reserved starting times, assures orderly flow of golf play by locating groups and making substitutions as necessary in the rotation.

2. Monitors reservation system by accurately recording on starter sheets information on all players including number in group, actual starting times, number of carts in group, and finishing time at the ninth and eighteen hole.

3. Monitors driving range area by assuring customers are safety conscious, and all course supplies are returned in an appropriate manner and time.

4. Assures consistent adherence to course policies on number of players per cart, monitoring unauthorized food or beverages, correct use of cart paths, adherence to dress code, and verifying that all players have registered at the pro shop before beginning to play.

5. Diplomatically explains rules and regulations of course to the public including but not limited to violations of five minute rule, dress code, and food and beverage policy. Assist with any GPS functions or malfunctions for the customer.

6. Communicates to pro shop any changes or deviations from course policies and procedures.

7. Communicates with supervisor information regarding groups that may need extra attention and/or supervision.

8. Monitors supplies at starter station including score cards and pencils.

9. Responsible for collecting and disposing of trash and other debris on course.

10. Carries and supplies first aid kit, scorecards and pencils and offers assistance with same to general golfing public.

11. Enters appropriate information into computer as required.

12. Other duties as assigned.

Standards for Initial Consideration


High School or GED. Knowledge of golf course rules

Work Experience:

Previous experience in assertively directing people to comply with policy.

Essential Skills:

Ability to positively communicate course policies and procedures to the general public.

Ability to establish effective working relationships with supervisor, co-workers and all County staff.

Ability to understand, implement and give oral and written directions.

Ability to effectively convey information and effectively handle complaints from the public and other county employees.

Ability to develop working knowledge and operate equipment in pro shop, concessions and cart areas.

Ability to exemplify, by his/her actions, the County's PRIDE philosophy.


This position is not benefit eligible.