Medical Lab Technician

Medical Lab Technician

Application Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2018, 4:30pm Central Time. Expired!

Scott County is accepting online applications for the following position.:

Job Title: Medical Lab Technician

Closing Date/Time: Friday, 8/31/2018, 4:30 pm

Salary: $18.68 per hour

Job Type: Part-time

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Job Summary

Incumbent is responsible for laboratory technician duties in all areas of Disease Prevention/Health Promotion. Works directly in areas of communicable diseases/tuberculosis, hazardous chemicals, STD/HIV, lead and chronic disease.

Position is 30 hours per week.

Job Responsibilities

1. Draws fingerstick and venous specimens from children for blood lead (PB) determination. Draws venous blood specimens for syphilis and other communicable diseases, as ordered by the medical director. Collects oral and/or blood specimen(s) for HIV and HCV antibody testing. Follows OSHA bloodborne pathogen guidelines when handling blood and body fluids.

2. Analyzes gram stains and wet preps to identify the result as normal/abnormal bacteria for STD testing. Completes required proficiency testing and troubleshooting of inaccurate results.

3. Prepares lab specimens using OSHA biohazard guideline for mailing to out-of-county laboratories. Prepares all lab slips and mailing labels with the required information to ensure accurate identification of samples.

4. Records results on lab forms, in the laboratory log book, electronic health record and state databases as required. Completes all quality assurance checks as required per protocols.

5. Conducts tests and audits of equipment, procedures, and materials to maintain CLIA certification and meet regulatory guidelines to ensure quality and accuracy of testing protocols, procedures, and results. Assists in educating and training nurses and the medical assistant in analysis of gram stains and wet preps. Trains the nurse clinicians, medical assistant, HIV outreach worker and the community health interventions specialist in phlebotomy.

6. Performs general upkeep of laboratory; cleans counters and equipment on a routine basis, in accordance with regulations and protocols. Schedules bi-annual maintenance on all laboratory equipment. Performs monthly supply inventories. Orders and maintains appropriate level of lab supplies as necessary.

7. Maintains accurate and organized manuals and documentation of activities, results and procedures to ensure appropriate record of protocols and actions.

8. Properly and routinely disposes of lab equipment, materials, and supplies in appropriate bio-hazard containers in accordance with regulations and protocols. Prepares bio-hazard materials for monthly pick-up.

9. Performs lead responsibilities associated with ensuring confidential and accurate data entry of HIV and HCV tests and results in accordance with state and internal regulations and protocols and filing of STD and HIV confidential files.

10. Provides education to parents regarding lead poisoning, as necessary. Provide HIV counseling in the outreach setting as scheduled.

11. Assists environmental staff to draw blood on poultry to analyze for the presence of disease, as requested.

12. Records and monitors refrigerator and freezer temperatures on all department equipment used to store vaccines and or specimens per IDPH, CDC and CLIA protocols.

13. Annually shreds all documents according to protocol and consolidates and stores old medical files as stated in the STD protocols.

14. Performs other duties as needed and/or assigned

Standards for Initial Consideration


A. A. in Medical Lab Technician required. Medical Technician licensure/certification required.

Work Experience:

3-5 years of related experience required.. Experience preparing and reading gram stains and other clinical lab work preferred. Experience troubleshooting inaccurate results.

Must have experience in interpreting CLIA and OSHA laboratory regulations and writing laboratory protocols.

Essential Skills:

Ability to provide service to the public in a professional manner, regardless of the situation.

Ability to organize and prioritize workload under limited direct supervision.

Ability to effectively communicate, orally and in writing.

Ability to proficiently utilize basic computer skills to perform word processing or database tasks.

Ability to utilize and operate equipment including, but not limited to: microscope, centrifuge, scanner, computer and photocopier.

Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Ability to effectively participate, contribute and achieve goals as a member of a work group and multi-functional team(s).

Ability to exemplify, by his/her actions, the County's PRIDE philosophy.


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