Deputy Assessor

Deputy Assessor

Application Deadline: Monday, March 11, 2019, 4:30pm Central Time. Expired!

Scott County is accepting online applications for the following position.:

Job Title: Deputy Assessor

Closing Date/Time: Monday,3/11/2019, 4:30 pm

Salary: $25.81 to $35.72 per hour

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Job Summary

Under direction of the County Assessor, locates, lists, inspects, classifies and appraises for assessment purposes residential, agricultural, multi-residential, dually-classified, commercial, industrial and/or exempt property in Scott County to determine fair market value for use in the computation of property taxes to be levied. Implements and enforces departmental policies and procedures. Trains, supervises, and coordinates appraisal and clerical staff and departmental resources as required. Serves at the pleasure of the County Assessor and assists with management of office and staff as needed.

Job Responsibilities

1. Under direction of Assessor; manages appraisal staff, resources and operations. Assists in setting of appraisal guidelines, policies and procedures. Assists with management of office operations. Assists with departmental budget as needed. Prepares and analyzes department reconciliation and abstract as needed. Researches, plans, organizes and supervises revaluation projects for all classes of properties in accordance with Iowa laws. Supervises clerical staff as needed.

2. Assesses all classifications of real estate for the purpose of property valuation and taxation.

3. Measures, lists, photographs and sketches new and existing construction, land, plats and other field projects of all classes of property in accordance with Iowa laws.

4. Classifies, values and re-values new and existing properties as directed and in accordance with Iowa laws.

5. Reads and interprets blueprints, legal descriptions, plats and condominium articles and amendments.

6. Gathers, analyzes and objectively evaluates data and applies appropriate changes and adjustments. Leads revaluation projects.

7. Analyzes and compares assessments of different market areas to maintain equity and consistency in assessments.

8. Communicates regularly with staff and property owners to address questions and concerns on appraisals and the appraisal process.

9. Maintains accurate notes and records. Accurately enters data into software systems and continuously monitors and verifies the same of appraisal staff. Manages and meets established work assignment deadlines for self and staff. Provides customer service that is professional, courteous and responsive and continuously monitors and verifies same of appraisal staff.

10. Supervises and provides research, support and testimony in assessment litigation and appeals.

11. Regularly attends and hosts departmental and other work-related meetings as required. Regularly attends professional development training and continuing education courses locally and regionally at the discretion of the Assessor, often requiring travel and overnight stays.

12. Supervises, trains, educates, evaluates, re-trains, motivates and disciplines staff as required and in accordance with county/department employment policies.

13. Supervises parcel splits, combinations and deletions. Prepares, analyzes and supervises sale ratio studies and reports as needed. Implements property tax exemptions, credits and economic development agreements.

14. Performs other duties as needed and/or assigned.

Standards for Initial Consideration

Work Experience:

Preferred minimum six (6) years appraisal experience in an Assessor's Office. Equivalent experience in real estate appraisal, real estate sales/broker, construction or building trades, GIS or Data Base Administration experience considered.


Successful completion the Deputy Assessor or Assessor examination given by the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance and also currently listed on the Deputy or Assessor candidate list held by same. High School Diploma or equivalent required. Bachelor's degree or higher preferred. Successful completion of IAAO Courses 101, Legal Descriptions, Land Valuation and Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance's Basic Assessment School, IAAO Courses 300, 311 and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Standard 6, IAAO Courses 102, 331, 332 and 333 or equivalent approved courses.

Essential Skills:

Must be responsible, trustworthy and honest.

Must possess a valid driver's license and reliable insured vehicle

Must successfully complete required continuing education requirements per Iowa law.

Must be proficient in Microsoft Office products especially Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Must have extensive proficiency with CAMAVision database and all of its functions and features, including parcel maintenance, tables, batch processes, sales ratio, queries, reports, forms, comp search, etc.

Must have extensive working knowledge of the principles and procedures of real estate appraisal, specifically the cost approach, sales comparison and income approaches.

Must have extensive working knowledge of the principles of new and replacement construction costs and processes, and depreciation and obsolescence applicable to real estate appraisal.

Must have extensive working knowledge of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Standard 6 ? Mass Appraisal.

Must have extensive working knowledge of, and ability to properly interpret and implement, the different Iowa real estate classifications and assessment laws.

Must have extensive working knowledge of the laws, regulations, processes, procedures, policies and guidelines governing the Assessor's Office and real estate appraisals.

Must have extensive working knowledge of GIS and aerial photography software.

Must have extensive working knowledge of Iowa property credits and exemptions and how to properly apply to property assessments.

Must have extensive working knowledge of the Board of Review policies and procedures and the Iowa laws that govern it.

Must have extensive working knowledge of the Iowa Real Property Appraisal Manual.

Must possess the ability to self-motivate, manage own workload, motivate others,
assist with staff workloads, and routinely meet strenuous personal and departmental deadlines.

Must have extensive working knowledge of appraisal methodology, techniques and the mathematical calculations required in real estate appraisals, valuations and assessments.

Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public co-workers and work colleagues.

Must possess excellent public-relation skills, customer service skills, phone skills, public-speaking etiquette and must be able to handle confrontation calmly and professionally.

Must possess excellent problem-solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong organizational skills, attention to detail, the ability to multi-task, the ability to communicate and work with others, the ability to work in stressful situations and under pressure.

Must possess the ability to work with and properly handle confidential material and information, as required.

Must possess extensive working knowledge of Scott County departmental and employee policies.


The following is a summary of benefits provided to non-union County employees. Benefits for employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement may vary somewhat depending on specific contract provisions.