Application Deadline: Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 4:30pm Central Time. Expired!

Scott County is accepting online applications for the following position.:

Job Title: Bailiff

Closing Date/Time: Wednesday, 6/12/2019, 4:30 pm

Salary: $19.60 to $26.57 per hour

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Job Summary

Maintains safety and security of prisoners, County employees and the public by monitoring the premises in the courthouse, Administrative Center and Annex facilities. Ensures the safe and secure escort of inmates to and from the Jail for court appearances. Transports mental health patients to and from various mental health institutions. Transports inmates to various institutions throughout the State of Iowa. Serves warrants to inmates or citizens attending court or appearing at the courthouse.

Job Responsibilities

1. Ensures the safety and security of prisoners, staff and the public as inmates are escorted to and from the Jail for court appearances. Remains with and monitors inmates during the escort and/or entire courtroom procedure. May escort newly arrested individuals to the Jail from the courthouse facility.

2. Maintains safety and security of the Courthouse, Administrative Center, and Annex facility by monitoring video cameras, standing watch and performing security check of premises and/or persons.

3. Provides courtroom security to ensure the safety of the judicial staff, public, attorneys and individuals appearing in the courtrooms. Attends video court daily to act as courtroom security in that area and ensure appropriate documentation is served to individuals appearing before the judge. Utilizes equipment and procedures to ensure visitors or inmates do not bring weapons into court areas. Monitors individuals in facilities and may search persons for weapons.

4. Serves warrants to inmates on a daily basis, to individuals appearing in court on other charges and to individuals identified by the judicial or clerk of court with outstanding warrants. Ensures appropriate information on individual arrested is obtained and/or waivers are completed as necessary.

5. Completes reports on incidents, events and required reports for arrests to be forwarded to internal and external agencies. Completes appropriate documentation of warrants served and/or use of arrest powers as a peace officer.

6. Operates a motor vehicle to ensure safe and secure transport of inmates, mental health patients and juvenile detainees. Maintains daily log of trip times, location and expenses. Compiles monthly reports for supervisory review.

7. Responds to silent alarms, reports of threats or reports of suspicious activity as dispatched or notified/requested by courthouse and campus employees. Takes immediate, appropriate action to ensure the safety and security of people and premises.

8. Assists Office in the response to emergency operations events, including but, not limited to: search of facilities for explosive devices, crowd control, pursuit of suspects and securing building in the event of an evacuation.

9. Provides accurate and prompt response to the general public regarding courthouse services. Provides direction to specific offices or courtrooms.

10. Assists Deputy Sheriffs in picking up and transporting mental health patients for involuntary commitments to mental health institutions.

11. Performs other duties as needed and/or assigned.

Standards for Initial Consideration


High school graduate or G.E.D. equivalent required


Two (2) years of security or law enforcement experience required.

Essential Skills:

Ability to exercise independent judgement based on policies/procedures and during emergent situations.

Ability to consistently adhere to security and safety measures.

Ability to obtain a gun permit to carry a firearm.

Ability to operate equipment including, but not limited to: hand-held and two-way radios, video equipment and monitors, sidearm, shackles, hand-cuffs and fax/copy machine, hand-held and stationary metal detectors.

Ability to physically restrain individuals, within regulatory or departmental guidelines.

Ability to utilize effective verbal, written and listening communication skills.

Possess knowledge of Code requirements for actions of peace officers.

Ability to exemplify, by his or her actions, the County's PRIDE philosophy.

Ability to utilize effective verbal, written and listening communication skills.

Must be able to operate a motor vehicle and possess a valid driver's license with a satisfactory driving record. (verified)

Supplemental Information


Reports to: Bailiff Sergeant

Supervises: Contract ride along attendants.

Works with: Clerk of Court, Court Administrator's Office, Associate and District Court Judges, Sheriff's Department staff, other County employees and outside agencies.

Physical/Environmental Conditions:

The incumbent primarily works indoors. Transport duties may result in exposure to various weather conditions. The incumbent may routinely be exposed to violence and physical hazards associated with the restraint of inmates, patients or detainees. May require overnight stay for out-of-state or more distant transports.


The following is a summary of benefits provided to non-union County employees. Benefits for employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement may vary somewhat depending on specific contract provisions.