Employee Benefit: Iowa Public Employees Retirement System

Employee Benefit: Iowa Public Employees Retirement System

The Iowa Public Employees Retirement System, designed as a supplement to Social Security, required mandatory participation by all County employees unless specifically excluded by law.

Employees contribute to IPERS through payroll deduction each pay period at a percentage of covered wages. The County contributes an additional rate. The covered wage maximum will be the members’ salary. An employee is vested after seven years. When retiring at age 55 or older, there is a monthly payout of employee and County contributions.

Contribution Rates: 7/1/18 - 6/30/19

Membership Class Member Share Employer Share Total
Regular Members 6.29% 9.44% 15.73%
Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs 9.76% 9.76% 19.52%
Protection occupations 6.81% 10.21% 17.02%


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