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For Professionals

What is Care for Kids?

Care for Kids is Iowa's Early & Periodic Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment (EPSDT) Program. It is a federal program that is managed under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The goal of Care for Kids is to make sure that children and adolescents ages birth through 20 years get preventive health care services by helping families to overcome the barriers that they face in accessing health care services. Care for Kids achieves this goal by providing care coordination services to Medicaid enrollees.

How does Care for Kids help providers?

Care for Kids provides a variety of services to clients that may be helpful to area health providers. Care for Kids assists with the following services:

  • Finding health care providers: Care for Kids staff maintains lists of medical, dental, vision, and other specialty providers currently accepting Iowa Medicaid. In addition, staff provides guidance about how to find a provider that is best suited to serve the client’s needs.

  • Scheduling appointments: Care for Kids staff provides step-by-step guidance about how to schedule a healthcare appointment.

  • Appointment reminders: Care for Kids staff provides appointment reminders for well child exams and other appointments as requested.

  • Transportation:  Care for Kids connects families to transportation services to and from local health care appointments for Medicaid enrollees. See our Transportation page.

    Community resources/referrals: Care for Kids staff maintains a comprehensive database of community resources and links families to community resources as requested by clients.

  • Health education/promotion: Care for Kids staff provides education about preventive health care via regular well child, dental, and vision exams.

  • Developmental screenings:  Care for Kids staff can provide free developmental screenings for children to help determine children’s strengths and areas of concern, and connect families to helpful community resources or services, such as the Early ACCESS Program.  If you know a family with a child that might benefit from developmental screening services, please complete the Development Screening referral form (below) and fax or email it to Care for Kids

Care for Kids needs your help too!

  • Healthcare providers can help Care for Kids reach its goals by becoming medical homes for their patients. A medical home provides a family with primary and regular care that includes health promotion, acute care and chronic condition management, in a planned, coordinated, and family centered manner. The medical home is the model for 21st century primary care. If you would like to learn more about medical homes or learn how you can make your office a medical home, please visit the National Center for Medical Home Implementation at: 
  • In order to measure Care for Kids services and clients having a medical home, it is important that healthcare offices bill services using EPSDT billing codes. To learn more about EPSDT billing codes please visit:
  • To learn more about EPSDT dental screening codes please visit:

To make a referral to Care for Kids please:

  • Use the Care for Kids referral form (below), or request a Care for Kids referral form from Care for Kids by fax or mail.

  • Complete and return the referral form.

    • Mail to:  Scott County Administrative Center | Care for Kids | 600 W 4th St | Davenport, IA  52801
    • Fax to:  563-326-8774

You may want to make a referral to Care for Kids if you have a family that needs help:

  • Finding a healthcare provider for a child

  • Finding and obtaining community resources

  • Assessing children’s growth and development

  • Obtaining immediate Medicaid coverage (for individuals that qualify)

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