Finding Providers

Finding Providers

Care for Kids can help your family find a doctor, dentist, eye doctor, mental health provider, and/or specialist.

Why do children need a doctor, dentist, or eye doctor for regular check-ups?

Regular health exams at the doctor, dentist, and eye doctor are needed to make sure children and adolescents are growing up healthy. These health exams are very important so that doctors can catch health problems early, and treat them before they become worse.

Care for Kids can help families find a regular source of medical, dental, and vision care. Learn more about the importance of regular medical, dental, and vision care by reading the Care for Kids brochures below.

Some children may also need care from other providers such as medical specialists or mental health providers who can help with behavior and development. Care for Kids can help families find and link to these services.

What to look for when finding a medical, dental or eye doctor for regular care.

  • A provider who takes your insurance.

  • A provider who has a plan for care after office hours.

  • A provider who has an office that is easy for you to get to.

  • A provider who has office hours that will work for you.

  • A provider who has information in your main language.

  • A provider who will provide interpretation if needed.


    Who will accept Iowa Medicaid?

    Sometimes families have a hard time finding providers who will take Iowa Medicaid insurance. Care for Kids can help.

    To ask for a list of the medical, dental or vision providers in Scott County who take new patients with Iowa Medicaid, please fill out the form below. Please let us know what type of information you need. A list of providers will be e-mailed or mailed to you.



News & Notices

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