Scott County EMS Association

Scott County EMS Association

The Scott County Emergency Medical Services Association was formed in August of 1988 on a recommendation from the Scott County Board of Supervisors. The State Code of Iowa for Emergency Medical Services, Section 641, Chapter 130.3(135) states “Each county have a county EMS association, council, or board to provide the county supervisors of their designees with advice on EMS funding needs and objectives.”

Membership is open to agencies providing EMS to all of Scott County.

By-laws were adopted in September of 1988. Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Iowa Secretary of State in August, 1995. We received our 501.c classification in August 1996 from the Internal Revenue Service.

We currently meet on the fourth Thursday of each month for our regular business meeting.  A yearly request of a $25 donation to cover expenses for mailings and clerical supplies from each provider service is the only income this organization receives.

Article II – Purpose, Objectives, Responsibilities, of the Scott County Emergency Medical Services Association By-laws fairly well sums up our “mission.”  Our “Purpose” states that this association is established to provide an organization concerned with the delivery of quality emergency medical services to the people of Scott County, Iowa.

  • Objective A, address the survey of emergency medical resources available in Scott County and assist in identifying areas of need in the county EMS delivery system.
  • Objective B, serves as a catalyst to effect cooperative arrangements for improving and best utilizing emergency medical services in Scott County. This directive includes the promotion and guidance of development of EMS projects which are consistent with Scott County Board of Health guidelines


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