Tobin Cabin

Tobin Cabin

This cabin was built in 1837 by a man named Frederick Arble on the Tom Tobin farm near Long Grove. Mr. Tobin donated it to the Scott County Historical Society who in turn sponsored its move to its present location in 1970. This cabin is one of two cabins at the village.

Both cabins are built of hand hewn oak logs and the cracks were filled with mixture of clay and grass, which was called "chinking". Both cabins are typical of how the early settlers built their homes in the early 1800's. They used what was most available, logs from the many trees.

The Tobin cabin was completely disassembled with the help of many individuals, however, the reconstruction was done mainly by the efforts of Jay Osborn, Hans Hansen, and Harold Kennedy. All of the hand-made furniture was also constructed by them. They donated hundreds of man-hours and expenses on the projects. Cash donations were also given and you will find their names on the plaque.