Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith Shop

Exterior view of the blacksmith shop.

The original part of this Blacksmith Shop (north portion) was constructed about 1860. The first operator is unknown, but Karl Ehlers took it over about 1890. His son, Otto, operated it for a short time and then Alfred Ehlers took it over. He operated it until the mid-1950's.

The North section was the original shop and the brick forge has been reconstructed by George Endlich. The bellows was used and donated by the Henry Brandt Family.

In the south section, the forge is the original, used by Alfred and donated by Bob Marti. The base of the anvil, work bench, tools on the forge, and stove were used by Alfred. The shop is basically set up the way Alfred had it when he closed up. (Note: the toilet was in the southeast corner) You will find the immortal "Smithys" chestnut tree just on the West Side of the house. This area is known was Walnut Grove and used to have a Post Office called "Barrwood" named after the Barr family, who lived next door. The Barr's played an important role in the development of hybrid seed corn.

There was also a stage-stop here and a nearby mill. "Buffalo Bill" once lived on the north side of the road. His brother Sam died here from a fall off a horse and was buried in the First Christian Church Cemetery at Long Grove.

Several of the tools and signs were used in the Chris Madden and Al Klindt Blacksmith Shops at Long Grove, which are from the Dan Nagle collection.