Scott County Polling Places

Scott County Polling Places

Polling Places are locations where eligible voters in a given precinct go to vote. A polling place may host voting for a precinct for more than one election type.

You may be pre-registered or you can register on election day.

Precinct: D41 (4H Building - M.V. Fairgrounds)

4H Building - M.V. Fairgrounds
2815 W Locust St
Davenport, Iowa 52804

4H Building - M.V. Fairgrounds is the polling place for the following:


City: Davenport Ward 4 Precinct 1
School: Davenport Ward 4 Precinct 1
House: 90 Senate: 45 College: 1

General Election:

Federal, State, County, Township, Community College, Soil & Water Conservation

(D41) City of Davenport

City Elections:

(D41) City of Davenport

  • (Ward 4)

School Board Election:

(D41) Davenport School District

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4H Building - M.V. Fairgrounds