Scott County Polling Places

Scott County Polling Places

Polling Places are locations where eligible voters in a given precinct go to vote. A polling place may host voting for a precinct for more than one election type.

You may be pre-registered or you can register on election day.

Attention School Voters: School Precincts may not be the same as City Precinct. Double check with the Precinct Finder.

Election Type:

You are viewing precinct number, polling place name and location address information for the all election. (68 Places)

General City School Place Address City State Zip
AG Donahue Fire Station (AG) 302 N Main St Donahue Iowa 52746
B11 Bettendorf City Hall (Temporary) 1609 State St Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B11 B11 Waterfront Convention Center 2021 State St Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B12 B12 B12 Mississippi Bend A.E.A 729 21st St Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B21 B21 B21 Cross Point Church 1330 Spruce Hills Dr Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B22 B22 B22 Hope Baptist Church 1642 Tangle Foot Ln Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B23 B23 B23 Bettendorf Public Library (B23) 2950 Learning Campus Dr Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B31 B31 PV5 First Baptist Church 3593 Middle Rd Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B32 B32 B32 Bettendorf Public Library (B32) 2950 Learning Campus Dr Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B41 B41 Bettendorf Family Y 3800 Tanglefoot Ln Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B42 B42 B42 St John Vianney Church 4097 18th St Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B51 B51 PV6 Tangle Wood Pavilion 4250 Middle Rd Bettendorf Iowa 52722
B52 B52 PV7 Surrey Heights Fire Station 5002 Crow Creek Rd Bettendorf Iowa 52722
BF BF DA3 Buffalo Activity Center-City Hall 329 Dodge St Buffalo Iowa 52728
BG BG DA2 Blue Grass Public Safety Building 606 W Mayne St Blue Grass Iowa 52726
BU Buffalo Community Center 426 Clark St Buffalo Iowa 52728
D11 D11 D11 Davenport Fairmount Library 3000 N Fairmount St Davenport Iowa 52804
D12 D12 D12 New Hope Presbyterian Church 4209 W Locust St Davenport Iowa 52804
D13 D13 D13 Immanuel Lutheran Church 3834 Rockingham Rd Davenport Iowa 52802
D14 D14 D14 Credit Island Park Lodge 2200 W River Dr Davenport Iowa 52802
D21 D21 D21 High Point Bible Chapel 2600 W 63rd St Davenport Iowa 52806
D22 D22 D22 Seventh Day Adventist School 4444 W Kimberly Rd Davenport Iowa 52806
D23 D23 D23 Christ United Methodist Church 2330 W 41st St Davenport Iowa 52806
D24 D24 D24 The Salvation Army 3400 W Central Park Av Davenport Iowa 52804
D31 D31 D31 St Mark Lutheran Church 2363 W 3rd St Davenport Iowa 52802
D32 D32 D32 Zion Lutheran Church 1216 W 8th St Davenport Iowa 52802
D33 D33 D33 Scott County Administrative Center 600 W 4th St Davenport Iowa 52804
D34 D34 D34 United Neighbors 808 Harrison St Davenport Iowa 52803
D41 D41 D41 4H Building - M.V. Fairgrounds 2815 W Locust St Davenport Iowa 52804
D42 D42 D42 Newcomb Presbyterian Church 2619 N Division St Davenport Iowa 52804
D43 D43 D43 Holy Family Church 1923 N Fillmore St Davenport Iowa 52804
D44 D44 D44 St Ambrose - Rogalski Center 518 W Locust St Davenport Iowa 52803
D51 D51 D51 Living Hope Community Church 216 W Hayes St Davenport Iowa 52803
D52 D52 D52 First Presbyterian Church 1702 Iowa St Davenport Iowa 52803
D53 D53 D53 Grace Lutheran Church 1140 E High St Davenport Iowa 52803
D54 D54 D54 First Christian Church 510 E 15th St Davenport Iowa 52803
D61 D61 D61 Harvest Bible Chapel 3800 E 53rd St Davenport Iowa 52807
D62 D62 D62 Christs Family Church 4601 Utica Ridge Rd Davenport Iowa 52807
D63 D63 D63 Unitarian Church 3707 Eastern Av Davenport Iowa 52807
D64 D64 D64 Duck Creek Park Lodge 3300 E Locust St Davenport Iowa 52803
D71 D71 D71 C.A.S.I. 1035 W Kimberly Rd Davenport Iowa 52806
D72 D72 D72 Faith United Church of Christ 1630 W 38th St Davenport Iowa 52806
D73 D73 D73 Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church 415 W 53rd St Davenport Iowa 52806
D74 D74 D74 Davenport Public Works Center 1200 E 46th St Davenport Iowa 52807
D81 D81 D81 Adventure Christian Church 6509 Northwest Blvd Davenport Iowa 52806
D82 D82 D82 Northside Baptist Church 4601 N Division St Davenport Iowa 52806
D83 D83 D83 North High School 626 W 53rd St Davenport Iowa 52806
D84 D84 D84 Davenport Eastern Library 6000 Eastern Av Davenport Iowa 52807
DH DH NS1 Donahue Fire Station 302 N Main St Donahue Iowa 52746
DR Durant Community Center 605 5th Ave Durant Iowa 52747
DX Dixon Fire Station 306 Davenport St Dixon Iowa 52745
EL1 EL1 NS3 Scott County Library 200 N 6th Av Eldridge Iowa 52748
EL2 EL2 Eldridge United Methodist Church 604 S 2nd St Eldridge Iowa 52748
HG MV Maysville Fire Station 9100 New Liberty Rd Maysville Iowa 52773
LB NL New Liberty Fire Station 765 Pike St New Liberty Iowa 52765
LC1 LC1 PV2 First Presbyterian Church Of Leclaire 200 S 12th St LeClaire Iowa 52753
LC2 LC2 PV1 LeClaire Fire Station 201 N 15th St LeClaire Iowa 52753
LCT Our Lady Of The River Catholic Church 28200 226th Pl LeClaire Iowa 52753
LG LG NS2 Long Grove Community Center 114 N 1st St Long Grove Iowa 52756
MC MC McCausland Community Center 305 N Salina St McCausland Iowa 52758
PKV NS4 Park View Lutheran Church 14 Grove Rd Eldridge Iowa 52748
PP Panorama Park City Hall 120 Short St Bettendorf Iowa 52722
PR PR NS5 Princeton Community Center 428 River Dr Princeton Iowa 52768
PV4 PV Administration Building 525 Belmont Rd Bettendorf Iowa 52722
PV PV3 Trinity Lutheran Church 18137 Criswell St Pleasant Valley Iowa 52767
RV RV Riverdale Town Hall 110 Manor Dr Riverdale Iowa 52722
WC WC DA1 Calvary United Methodist Church 100 E James St Walcott Iowa 52773
WF Long Grove Fire Station 121 N 1st St Long Grove Iowa 52756

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School District Boundaries overlap City Boundaries. Here are the examples for all School Districts in Scott County.
Posted: August 17, 2017