Election Connection

Election Connection

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Join Scott County Election Connection – an email list informing constituents of upcoming election activities and events. Join Election Connection to stay in touch with key elections events.

Election Connection will continue to keep you informed of all upcoming elections. Help us connect voters and elections. Please join today.

When will emails be sent?

Emails will be sent only during current election events including:

  • Announcing the upcoming election (filing deadlines, calendar)
  • Availability of candidate list and/or sample ballots
  • Early voting announcements (absentee, satellite location and hours)
  • Reminder of election day (polling places, hours, latest news)
  • Post election (official results, turnout stats)

For which election?

Election Connection will announce all Scott County elections including:

  • General
  • Municipal
  • School Board
  • Primaries
  • Special
  • Run-off

Who should join Election Connection?

Any Scott County constituent including:

  • Scott County voters
  • Community leaders (churches, labor, neighborhood organizations)
  • Candidates
  • Media
  • City clerks
  • Poll workers
  • Party officials

News & Notices

School District Boundaries overlap City Boundaries. Here are the examples for all School Districts in Scott County.
Posted: August 17, 2017