Iowa Senate & House Districts in Scott County

Iowa Senate & House Districts in Scott County

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IowaIowa Senate District 46

Iowa Senate District 46 contains Iowa House Districts 91 and 92 representing east Muscatine County and west Scott County.



The following Scott County precincts comprise Iowa Senate district 46. Click on the precinct code for complete information about that general election polling place.

Precinct Senate House Name Polling Place
BG 46 92 City of Blue Grass (BG) Blue Grass Public Safety Building, 606 W Mayne St, Blue Grass
BU 46 92 Buffalo Township (BU) Buffalo Community Center, 426 Clark St, Buffalo
D21 46 92 City of Davenport (D21) High Point Bible Chapel, 2600 W 63rd St, Davenport
D73 46 92 City of Davenport (D73) Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church, 415 W 53rd St, Davenport
D81 46 92 City of Davenport (D81) Adventure Christian Church, 6509 Northwest Blvd, Davenport
D83 46 92 City of Davenport (D83) North High School, 626 W 53rd St, Davenport
DH 46 92 City of Donahue (DH) Donahue Fire Station, 302 N Main St, Donahue
EL1 46 92 City of Eldridge (EL1) Scott County Library, 200 N 6th Av, Eldridge
EL2 46 92 City of Eldridge (EL2) Eldridge United Methodist Church, 604 S 2nd St, Eldridge
HG 46 92 Hickory Grove Township (HG) Maysville Fire Station, 9100 New Liberty Rd, Maysville
LB 46 92 Liberty Township (LB) New Liberty Fire Station, 765 Pike St, New Liberty
LG 46 92 City of Long Grove (LG) Long Grove Community Center, 114 N 1st St, Long Grove
WC 46 92 City of Walcott (WC) Calvary United Methodist Church, 100 E James St, Walcott

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