Delinquent Fine Collection Program exceeded $10 Million

At the end of January 2020, the Scott County Attorney’s Office’s Delinquent Fine Collection Program exceeded $10,000,000 in total collections for the 12 years that the program has been in existence.

The Program was started back in February of 2008. Of that total--$3,674,629 has gone back to Scott County specifically. As part of the program, we also have the Driver’s License Reinstatement Program, which has benefited participants in many ways.

For example, if someone’s license is only suspended for unpaid fines, and they qualify for our program—they can have that suspension lifted by the Department of Transportation as long as they obtain car insurance and pay toward their fines each and every month.

The program also helps people get their vehicles registered when they are compliant with their payment plans. (since having unpaid fines can suspend the person’s ability to register their vehicle as well) 

The County Attorney’s Office feels that this is such an invaluable service to provide our citizens because it helps people be compliant with our driving laws by being properly licensed, insured, and having their vehicles registered.

February 4, 2020