Employee Roster

Employee Roster

Scott County Attorney
Michael J. Walton
County Attorney
(563) 326-8600
[email protected]

Office of Scott County Attorney

Scott County Courthouse
400 West Fourth Street
Davenport, Iowa 52801-1104
General Telephone Number: (563) 326-8600
Fax Number: (563) 326-8763
Email: [email protected]

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Attorney's Office:

Name Title Email Phone
Bakoylis, Alma R. Fine Collection Coordinator [email protected] 563-326-8235
Baumunk, Brenda L. Intake Coordinator [email protected] 563-326-8249
Berger, Steven A. Attorney II [email protected] 563-326-8232
Bishop, Teri L. Clerk III [email protected] 563-326-8285
Bradfield, Robert (Brad) C. Attorney II [email protected] 563-326-8230
Cervantes, Elizabeth J. Attorney I [email protected] 563-326-8242
Copley, Caleb J. Attorney I [email protected] 563-326-8292
Cusack, Robert (Rob) L. Attorney II [email protected] 563-326-8231
DeVine, Amy K. First Assistant County Attorney [email protected] 563-328-4130
Enke, Sandra (Sandy) G. Senior Clerk / Victim Witness [email protected] 563-326-8644
Grubisich, Joseph (Joe) A. Attorney II [email protected] 563-326-8234
Guinn, Martha (Marty) L. Executive Secretary / Paralegal [email protected] 563-326-8202
Haglund, Alyson Clerk III [email protected] 563-326-8600
Harkins, Rita H. Case Expeditor [email protected] 563-326-8213
Huff, Samuel H. Attorney I [email protected] 563-326-8237
Kelley, K. Wayne Attorney I [email protected] 563-326-8254
Kline, Megan Data Clerk / Receptionist [email protected] 563-326-8600
Lenzendorf, Patricia Attorney I [email protected] 563-328-3208
Marten, Sally J. Victim/Witness Coordinator [email protected] 563-326-8745
Minteer, Carolyn J. Administrative Assistant - Juvenile Court [email protected] 563-326-8210
Noble, Jonathan D. Attorney I [email protected] 563-326-8243
Ohl, Cinda A. Legal Secretary [email protected] 563-326-8206
Oostenryk, Rhonda S. Risk Manager [email protected] 563-326-8293
Poirier, Hannah M. Legal Secretary - Civil [email protected] 563-326-8671
Repp, Nathan L. Attorney I [email protected] 563-326-8239
Scherler, Nancy J. Paralegal / Audio Visual Specialist [email protected] 563-326-8207
Shepherd, Kimberly (Kim) K. Attorney II [email protected] 563-326-8282
Thompson, Lori J. Paralegal [email protected] 563-326-8299
Trowers, Dion D. Attorney II [email protected] 563-326-8233
Walsh, Kathy A. Office Administrator [email protected] 563-326-8229
Walton, Julie A. Attorney II Julie.[email protected] 563-326-8236
Walton, Michael J. County Attorney [email protected] 563-326-8600
Wolfe, Amy E. Fine Collection Coordinator [email protected] 563-326-8235

News & Notices

Scott County welcomes new and returning elected officials during the swearing in ceremony on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.
Posted: January 2, 2019