Business Property Tax Credit

Business Property Tax Credit

Available to all Commercial and Industrial Classified properties in the State of Iowa

Certain commercial, industrial, and railroad properties qualify. Does not apply to residential or agriculturally classified property. One credit is available for each qualified property unit. A property unit consists of contiguous parcels of the same classification that are owned by the same person and operated by that person for a common use and purpose.

The actual amount of credit each property unit will receive depends in part upon the total value of all property units and the average consolidated rates in each unit. Find more at: http://www.iowa.gov/tax/locgov/13PTReform.html (Refer to Code of Iowa Chapter 426C)

The deadline for this application is July 1 for the current assessment year.

  • The attached application form can be emailed, mailed, faxed or brought to the Assessor's Office.

History of BPTC Credit Amounts  

Average Business Property Tax Credit amounts in Scott County, Iowa.

  • 2013 - $800 (1st year available)
  • 2014 - $2,100
  • 2015 - $3,000