2004 Construction Program

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Project: L-104(1)--73-82
Location: 300th St (F33) from Scott Park Road (Old Hwy 61) to McCausland
Status: Completed
Construction Time: 103 days
Project Cost: $632,829.03
Contractor: Mathy Construction Co.

Description: Construction will include Recycling the existing surface, placing a 3inch asphalt overlay and new rock shoulders. Road will be open to traffic, although traffic will be controlled by pilot car, expect delays. Letting on February 17, 2004. Construction will be done in conjunction with construction on South Park Road and St Ann's Road. The combined projects should take most of the summer to complete.

L-104 pushing L-104 rummble strips L-104 rutted rummbel strips 3 L-104 rutted rummble strips L-104 rutted rummble strips 2 L-104 rutting L-104 skip patch L-104 skip patches L-104 typical distress L-104 typical distress 2 L-104 typical distress 3 L-104 typical distress 4

2004 Projects: