2002 Construction Program

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Project: FM-C082(26)--55-82
Location: Locust St West
Status: Completed
Construction Time: 20 days (about one Month)
Project Cost: $1,056,855.59
Contractor: McCarthy Improvement

Description: The Locust Street project was a 4.5 mile asphalt resurfacing project. Construction began by cracking, or breaking, the existing PC Concrete pavement. After cracking the pavement a 50-ton roller was used to “seatinch the broken pavement. This pushes the old pavement down into the voids underneath and interlocks the broken pieces. A 2inch layer of Hot Mix Asphalt was placed over the old surface, followed by a 1.5inch layer and finally a 1.5inch surface layer creating a new 5inch pavement structure. New 8' wide shoulders were then placed over the existing shoulders. The pavement was widened at the intersection of Locust St and 110th Ave to provide for a center left turn lane.

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