Zoning Board of Adjustment

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The Scott County Zoning Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board that hears and makes the final decision on any questions between an applicant and the zoning administrator as to the proper interpretation of the zoning ordinance.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment decides on applications for special use permits as specifically provided in the zoning ordinance. The Board may authorize variances in the application of the ordinance where there are unusual circumstances that would otherwise produce unnecessary hardship to a particular parcel of land if literally enforced.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is made up of five citizens appointed by the County Board of Supervisors to five year terms, with the majority residing in the unincorporated areas of the county.

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Special Use Permits Procedures

  1. Initial Information
    Fill out the two sheets on site plans and write a description of the special use being requested. Turn in the completed forms to the Planning and Development Department.
  2. Permit Application
    A special use permit application must be filled out and should include any pertinent maps or diagrams. This application can be found at the Planning and Development office.
  3. Board of Adjustment
    A public hearing with the Board of Adjustment will be held. The Board will base its decision on the effect the proposed use has on:
    • character of the neighborhood
    • adjoining property values
    • adequacy of the County road to handle the additional traffic
    • potential traffic hazards
    • impact on the water table
    • handling of sewage wastes and storm water runoff
    • potential of increasing the flood elevation
    • public safety, public health, and general welfare
  4. Public Hearing
    Any person may testify at the public hearing. The burden of proof rests with the applicant. The Board of Adjustment will make a decision at the meeting. The applicant will be notified in writing of the Board's official decision within fifteen days of the hearing.
  5. Appeals
    The applicant has the right to appeal to the District Court. A petition for appeal must be presented to the Court within thirty days after the filing of the decision in the Planning and Development office.
  6. Time Limits
    If the special use permit is granted, the request must be developed within two years of the Board action.