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Signature Setup in Outlook

Setting up a signature in Outlook is a great way to send your contact information along with your emails. Not to be confused with your handwritten signature, an email signature is just a short text message that is automatically added to all of your outgoing emails. You type the information once and it will always appear at the bottom of your emails.

Signatures are great for your name, title, phone numbers, email address, and of course, your website address such as,

Please follow these simple instructions.

Open Outlook.

From the Menu Bar, Click Tools, then Options...

The Options dialog box opens.

Click on the Mail Format tag as seen below.

example of dialog screen

Click on the Signature Picker... button.

The Signature Picker dialog box opens.
You can edit or remove multiple signatures from this box in the future.

Click on the New... button.

example of dialog screen

The Create New Signature dialog box opens.

In the text box, type in default as the name of your new signature.

example of dialog screen

Click on the Next > button.

The Edit Signature dialog box will open.

In the text field, type your contact information as you would like it to appear on your outgoing email. Other than name, title, and website, you may also want to include phone number, address, email address, fax, or cell phone. Some people also attach interesting quotes or jokes. A general rule is to keep it short and relevant.

When typing in the website address, please use the http:// as shown below. Some email clients need this to convert this line to a hyperlink.

example of dialog screen

If you choose, this is also the spot where you can attach your vCard information.

When done, click the OK button.

You return to the Signature Picker dialog box. You can also preview your signature here. Make sure the default signature is selected.

Click the OK button.

You return to the Options dialog box. You may want to unchecked the option that reads "Don't use when replying or forwarding". That is your preference however.

Click the OK button.

You're set! Every time you compose a new message, your signature will appear at the bottom of your message.