Employee Benefit: Dental

Dental coverage is provided by Delta Dental Insurance Plan. The group dental care plan covers most dental services. The employee share of family dental is $11.66 per month, divided between the first two paychecks of each month.

Covered charges are reasonable and customary charges; charges the dentists usually charge for the services provided. Services provided by this plan are categorized into one of four groups:

When proposed treatment costs are more than $200, the covered person's dentist should send Delta Dental a treatment plan before treatment is started. A treatment plan must always be sent to Delta Dental before orthodontic treatment. Delta Dental will evaluate the treatment plan and estimated payments of what will be covered will be sent to the covered person's dentist. Emergency treatment, oral examinations, dental x-rays and teeth cleaning are part of a treatment, and can be done before the pretreatment review is made.