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Immigrant Women's Health: Problems and Solutions
Immigrant Women's health offers doctors, nurses, and administrators the knowledge and tools they need to meet the challenge to provide quality care for one of the United States' most vulnerable patient populations, that of immigrant women. Providing readers insight into the knowledge, attitudes, health beliefs, health care practices, and health care seeking behavior of immigrant women, the contributors offer effective strategies for providing culturally competent, high-quality, cost-effective care to this population. Health care planners, policy-makers and administrators who seek a clear understanding of the issues surrounding health services utilization by immigrants and the devastating effects of recent changes to federal policies will find this book a vital and practical reference.
Edited by Elizabeth J. Kramer, Susan L. Ivey, and Yu-Wen Ying, Published by Jossey-Bass Publishers, ISBN-0-7879-4294-4, 464 pages, Hardcover, 1999
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