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Cultural Awareness Resources for Professionals

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Cultural Competency in Health Care: A Guide for Trainers
This comprehensive training manual is for health care professionals addressing diversity issues in the workplace. It provides step-by-step guidelines for developing an experiential workshop to meet the specific training needs of health care professionals, including providers and administrators. The manual includes models of cultural competency in health care, barriers to providing culturally competent care, exercises, lecturettes, tips for designing effective needs assessments and case studies, sample training designs, and an extensive bibliography. Includes information on: Design Theory; Elements of a Two-Day Workshop; Models of Cultural Competency in Healthcare; Barriers to Providing Culturally Competent Care.
Written by Rohini Anand, PhD, Published by the National MultiCultural Institute, ISBN 1-885077-60-2, 383 pages, 3-ring binder, 3rd Edition, 2003.
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