REGULAR MEETING 12:00 Noon October 16, 2003

Scott County Board Room 1st Floor Scott County Administrative Center

1. Attendance

2. Correction/Acceptance of Agenda

Correction/Acceptance of Minutes Of August 21, 2003 Board Meeting

3. Reports

A. Director’s Report

B. Core Public Health Activity Report

C. Budget Report

1.) Claims

D. Empowerment Board Report

E. Maternal & Child Health Program & Tobacco Use Prevention Program Report

F. Homeland Security Planning Report

4. Public Comment

5. Unfinished Business

6. New Business

A. Annual Meeting with the Scott County Board of Supervisors

B. Update on Pertussis outbreak in Quad City Area

C. Update on West Nile Virus activities in Scott County and Iowa

D. Approve and Authorize Director to sign the FY'04 EMS Systems Development Grant Contract

E. Approve and Authorize Director to sign Amendment # 2 to the 2003 HIV Testing & Counseling Contract

F. Staff Educational Requests

G. Approve and Authorize Chairman to sign the Intergovernmental (28E) Agreement between the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Scott County Board of Health, delegating the Board of Health to perform certain compliance checks of the transient non-community public water supplies in Scott County

7. Correspondence

A. Iowa Department of Public Health FOCUS – October, 2003

B. Scott County Humane Society Board Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2003

8. Future Dates

A. Next Board of Health Meeting – November 20, 2003