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RE: Scott County's Older Adults Report Overall Life Satisfaction

A recent survey of older adults in Scott County indicates that most seniors report they are active, independent, and enjoy good health. They are concerned about the high cost of health care, access to transportation, and loss of independence. These and other findings are detailed in "The Qualitative Assessment of Older Adults in Scott County, Iowa", just released by the Scott County Health Department.

The survey was conducted to find out how older adults feel about "quality of life" factors including physical and mental health, community support, and services provided in the Scott County community. Focus groups of various ethnicities were asked about housing, nutrition, transportation, and safety. Seniors answered questions about the adequacy and their awareness of services and information; their personal sense of health and well-being; and their social, spiritual, and psychological needs.

The survey was the first study conducted by the Scott County Health Department to measure the perception of quality of life among the older adult population in Scott County. This project was done in conjunction with the Senior Profile Report, which includes a statistical analysis of Scott County's senior population, as well as information on assets and services that benefit seniors.

According to the 2000 Census there were 18,667 adults over age 65 in Scott County, representing approximately 12% of the county’s population. By the year 2015 there will be approximately 22,500 seniors in Scott County. With this steadily increasing population, demand for services will increase correspondingly. The information from this study will assist agencies in the planning and delivery of services to meet the needs of this growing population.

Copies of "The Qualitative Assessment of Older Adults in Scott County, Iowa" are being distributed to many agencies in Scott County including Center for Active Seniors Inc., Generations Area Agency on Aging, local government officials, and Genesis Medical Center and Trinity Medical Center. The report is available online at Printed copies of the report are also available at the Scott County Health Department upon request. Groups interested in a presentation of the study or a printed copy may contact Brian Panke, Disease Prevention Specialist, at the Scott County Health Department at 563-326-8618.

The assessment was conducted by Craig Shoemaker, Associate Professor at St Ambrose University, and assisted by Scott County Health Department staff. It was made possible by funding from the Iowa Department of Public Health.