Head Lice Information
for Families and Caregivers

Pediculosis, better known as head lice is common during childhood. Anyone, however, of any age and any social class can get head lice. Children, as they play together in day care, pre-school, elementary, and middle schools tend to get head lice more often.

As a parent or caregiver you play an important role in stopping the spread of head lice. Parents are the key to looking for and treating head lice!

Check your children for lice at home.

Check and treat everyone in your home.

Notify others who have had close contact with your child in the past 2-3 weeks.

Call the school to report head lice and/or nits found on your child.

Contact your healthcare provider if two treatment regimens have failed and your child continues to have signs of head lice.

Teach children not to share personal items

Follow the treatment regimen recommended in the Head Lice Brochure for Parents

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