Food Protection Program
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Inspection reports beginning January 2014 are available through the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.
Find current state-wide inspection reports in this state website

Inspection Report

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Establishment Name Address Phone Type License
Inspection Date Purpose Violations Notes
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Regular 3 A re-inspection will be conducted on June 17, 2013. Please have the refrigeration repairman contact the Health Dept at 326-8618 ext 8810 when the walk-in is repaired.
Violation Severity Description Comments
14 Critical Inadequate protection from cross-contamination In the walk-in do not store raw chicken over raw beef and do not store raw shrimp over sauces to prevent against possible cross contamination. The owner is now aware of now the food should be stacked.
2 Critical PHF food not maintained at 41 F or below Walk-in cooler is holding meat, chicken, shrimp at 55F, eggrolls at 53F and cream cheese at 48F -- owner contacted repair company this morning but potentially hazardous foods have been at an unsafe temp for over 4 hrs so it is being discarded. Called refrigeration co and they have a repairman on his way over now.
27 Critical Food-contact surfaces, designed, maintained Do not use the trashcan to hold the sheet pan for crab rangoons.

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