Food Protection Program
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Inspection reports beginning January 2014 are available through the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.
Find current state-wide inspection reports in this state website

Inspection Report

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Establishment Name Address Phone Type License
ABARROTES CARRILLO 903 W 3RD ST • DAVENPORT, IA 52802 • [map it] 563-323-0195 Restaurant (RS) RS82-5383540
Inspection Date Purpose Violations Notes
Monday, September 30, 2013 Regular 12 A recheck will be done on October 11th.
Violation Severity Description Comments
11b Non-Critical Food not properly labeled In some coolers, food (in to-go containers) are not labeled. Label container with contents.
11c Critical Inadequate date marking of ready-to-eat foods In some coolers, food (in to-go containers) not date marked. Label with either the date placed in cooler or the throw out date (seven days once it is made (day 1)).
19b Non-Critical Hand soap/cleanser not provided Soap needed at kitchen handsink.
22 Non-Critical Inadequate pressure of water system No water comes out when hot water spigot turned on in restroom - repair.
25 Non-Critical Thermometers: provided & accessible Thermometers are needed in all coolers that contain potentially hazardous food.
27 Critical Food-contact surfaces, designed, maintained Chest freezers are in bad shape (lids will not close). Replace/repair. Do not use duct tape to repair.
28 Non-Critical Nonfood-contact surfaces not clean Clean shelving throughout store.
29 Non-Critical Floor/wall junctures Continue to plan to repair floor. Replace missing ceiling in store room (furnace and freezers).
31 Non-Critical Outer openings, protected Seal gap at bottom of back door (pest entry point).
35 Non-Critical Most recent inspection report not posted Post license and inspection report in view of the public.
35 Non-Critical License not posted/displayed Post license and inspection report in view of the public.
8 Critical Hands & arms, cleaning procedure No soap at handsink.

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