Food Protection Program
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Inspection reports beginning January 2014 are available through the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.
Find current state-wide inspection reports in this state website

Inspection Report

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Establishment Name Address Phone Type License
JEFFS MARKET DELI 102 W MAYNE ST • BLUE GRASS, IA 52726 • [map it] (563)381-2085 Restaurant (RS) RS82-0033851
Inspection Date Purpose Violations Notes
Monday, April 22, 2013 Regular 5
Violation Severity Description Comments
11c Critical Inadequate date marking of ready-to-eat foods Datemark the lunchmeat in the deli case. Corrected at time of inspection.
14 Critical Inadequate protection from cross-contamination In the grocery area do not store the raw bacon above the bologna to prevent against possible cross contamination.
16 Non-Critical Rinsing procedures, so that soap/abrasives are removed Rinse between washing and sanitizing in the three compartment sink.
32 Critical Inadequate separation from food, equip, utensils, linens, single service In grocery display do not store the Potato Buds under the Penzoil.
9 Critical Eating, drinking or using tobacco Employee shall not chew gum in the kitchen.

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