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Food Protection Program
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Inspection reports beginning January 2014 are available through the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.
Find current state-wide inspection reports in this state website


I know the restaurant exists but I can't find it.

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My search returns a restaurant but there are no inspection reports.

Restaurants that change management receive new permits. In this case, It is possible that a long standing restaurant with new management will have only a few recent inspections.

What if my establishment of interest is not in Scott County?

The Scott County Health Department inspects restaurants in all the cities and unincorporated areas of Scott County, Iowa. If the establishment is outside of Scott County, you need to contact that city or county's Health Department.

For Rock Island County, visit Rock Island County Health Department or call their Environmental Health division at (309) 794-7061.

How often is the food inspection database updated?

The food inspection database is updated daily.

How far back does the database report?

Although paper records go back for many years, the Health Department has been recording food inspections in the computer database since November 2, 2000.

Why do some inspections not have comments?

The comment field was added to the database at the beginning of 2002 so that users of the database can have a better understanding of the violation. All reports prior to 2002 will only have the violation but no comments. You will have to visit the Health Department and ask for a paper report to see those comments.

What does the following error mean: "This users cpu limit has been reached, please try again shortly."

Our web server has a limit of how many requests for data it can make at one time. If our site is busy and if that limit is reached, you will receive this error. Just wait several seconds and try again. If it continues, try another time of the day.

How do I know if a restaurant is smokefree?

All restaurants in Iowa are smokefree.

If you have questions or need more information to contact the Scott County Health Department at 563-326-8618 or email at