Community Assessments

Community Assessments

The Communications Relations, Information and Planning Services area of the Scott County Health Department collects and tracks data for the purpose of assessing community needs.

2016 Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan (CHNA-HIP)

The Scott and Rock Island County Health Departments, Community Health Care, Inc., Genesis Health System, UnityPoint Health–Trinity, and the Quad City Health Initiative are pleased to share the findings from the Quad Cities Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan. The community assessment process involved the gathering of data from a variety of sources and methods, including a community-wide survey, stakeholder input sessions, telephone survey of 900 individuals, and secondary data analysis. Following the assessment of data, input, and survey responses, the community stakeholder group identified top needs to be addressed in Scott County's Health Improvement Plan. The Scott County Health Department and community partners will work during the upcoming years to address the identified issues of access to mental health care, promoting healthy living, addressing obesity, and access to medical providers for under-insured, uninsured, and those with Medicaid health insurance.

2011 Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan

The Scott County Health Department partnered with county leaders, partners in providing health services, and representatives from the community to complete the 2011 Scott County Community Health Needs Assessment and create the Health Improvement Plan. This group of participants identified health needs in the community through discussion of importance, focus group activities, statistical research and a community-wide survey. Mental health, in the context of funding, workforce, and access, along with promoting healthy living were the areas recommended to be addressed in Scott County’s Health Improvement Plan. The Scott County Health Improvement Plan is the community’s plan. Over the five year term of the plan, Scott County Health Department will work with partners in the community to address the issues identified.

2005 Scott County Community Health Profile

The 2005 Community Health Profile is an excellent resource for community planning and resource development as it provides Scott County-specific data on a wide array of health topics.

2000 Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2000 Community Health Needs Assessment is a report of the needs, health disparities, and assets of Scott County. This document is a way to see where our limited resources should be directed to have the greatest impact on the health of our community.

Scott County Senior Profile

The Scott County Senior Profile is a report on adults age 65 and over in Scott County that covers topics such as demographics, housing, transportation, health, resources on health care and social services, injury control and violence, gambling, education, and recreation.

The Senior Demographic Profile Update (2003) covers new demographic information that was released in 2000 and 2001. This report contains data on population, gender, racial analysis, marital status, income, and much more about adults age 65 and over in Scott County.

The Senior Health Profile Update (2003) covers the latest information on the health of adults age 65 and over in Scott County. This report contains data on disability, chronic disease, hospitalization rates, health risk factors and many more health issues facing the older population in Scott County.

Qualitative Assessment of Older Adults in Scott County

The "Qualitative Assessment of Older Adults in Scott County" is a report that summarizes the results of a study conducted by Dr. Craig Shoemaker of St. Ambrose University and the Scott County Health Department. The information used was gathered through focus groups consisting of seniors in Scott County. These focus groups represented different ages, races, and ethnicity. A variety of questions were asked concerning their needs, services available, and life satisfaction in Scott County.

To view the statewide report on Community Health Needs and Health Improvement Plans , click on the following website:

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