Care for Kids - For Families

Care for Kids can help families access health care for their children.

How does Care for Kids help families access health care for children?

Care for Kids works with families to give them the information and support that they need to make sure their children have regular sources of health care. Care for Kids helps families find doctors, dentists, vision providers, mental health providers, and/or specialists.

Care for Kids reminds families about the importance of well-child exams.

A well-child exam is a visit to the doctor when the child is not sick. Well-child exams help keep children healthy. How often your child receives a well-child exam depends on their age. At these check-ups, the doctor is able to watch your child’s health closely as they learn and grow. If the doctor sees a possible health or developmental problem, he or she is able to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

Care for Kids mails well-child exam reminder letters to the parents of children enrolled in the Scott County Care for Kids program. These letters are sent to parents when their child appears to be due for an exam based on their age. What happens at a well child exam also depends on how old the child is. You can learn more about well-child exams by looking at the following materials.

Care for Kids works with families to make sure immunizations are up-to-date.

One way to protect your child’s health is with immunizations, which are also called shots. Immunizations protect children from many illnesses. If a child does not have all of the recommended immunizations, they might not be fully protected from certain diseases. The Care for Kids program asks parents about their child’s immunization status and offers information and support in getting children up-to-date. Care for Kids can provide parents with immunization schedules and information about immunization providers.

Care for Kids works to connect families to resources in the community.

Many families face barriers that may prevent them from getting health care. Care for Kids child health consultants are available to talk to families about these barriers and help them find resources to help.