Care for Kids

About Care for Kids

What is the EPSDT Care for Kids program?

EPSDT is the Early Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program for children who are enrolled in Medicaid. The focus of this program is to assure that eligible children ages birth through 20 years receive preventive health care services, including oral health care. In Iowa, the EPSDT program is called Care for Kids. In Scott County, Care for Kids works to make sure that health care resources are available and accessible to families and that support and education is provided so that families can successfully navigate the health care system.

Who does Care for Kids serve?

Care for Kids is available at no cost to children birth through 20 years of age who are enrolled in Iowa Medicaid.

How does Care for Kids work?

Care for Kids helps children and families access preventative health care by offering these services:

Why are these services important?

Children should receive regular medical, dental and vision check-ups even when they are not sick. Regular check-ups are important to find and treat health problems before they become more serious.  Care for Kids helps parents access these needed services for their children.  Having regular care helps parents build trusting relationships with providers, improves care by opening lines of communication and connects families to resources. 

How do I contact Care for Kids?

To learn more about the Care for Kids Program in Scott County please contact us by calling 563-328-4114.